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// Furniture design

2014 Collection

By London-based Pinch Design

Photos courtesy of Pinch Design

(Source:, via andymurraydesign)

// Glassware design

Mouth blown glass vases 

By Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Iittala

Photos courtesy of Domus

(Source:, via andymurraydesign)


// Furniture design


By LucidiPevere for De Castelli

Photos courtesy of De Castelli

(Source:, via andymurraydesign)

Denzer & Poensgen - Absalon (house with an atrium), Trier 2004. Very Ando-esque, and designed around the golden ratio. Via, photos (C) Rainer Mader.

(Source: subtilitas)


Amchit Residence Lebanon Blankpage Architects.

"Conceived as a layering of decks, the beach house seeks to maximize its relationship with the sea through a visual and compositional celebration of horizontality in general and the Mediterranean horizon in particular. The slabs are held by a minimal steel structure made of equally sized square columns on a regular module of 2.55m, as well as a discreet glass enclosure and wooden louvers in varying horizontal and vertical rhythms allowing for a relative level of privacy and shade."


Felix Held - Villa MM, Malans 2013. Photos (C) Ralph Feiner.